Below are collections of useful educational materials i.e. health promotional videos, lectures, open education resources, interactive tutorials, animated clips, games, puzzles and learning activities for children. The listings also include radio programmes, video documentaries and young people and adults experiences about Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia genetic disorders


Scooter: Lecture Series on Hospital Experiences of Sickle Cell Patients

Scooter: Sickle Cell Anaemia Open Educational Resources


Online teaching resource and interactive lessons

NHS Blood & Transplant

The Fun Zone: Games, puzzles, Quizzes, jokes, virtual session, wallpaper and Drop Blood activity book

NHS Sickle & Thalassaemia Screening Programme

360 Degree perspective: People's experiences of sickle cell disease and thalassaemia disorders

Sickle Cell Information Centre

Powerpoint Presentations on Sickle Cell


U.K. Thalassaemia Society

Educational videos

BBC Radio

1st Global Sickle Cell Congress in Ghana

De Montfort University

Young people with Sickle Cell

National Lung Heart and Blood Institute

Living With and Managing Sickle Cell Disease


Radio Programmes

BBC Radio

BBC Radio 4 Case Notes

BBC Newsround 2nd July 2009

The Voice 22 - 28 June 2009

Medical News Today 18 June 2009

Interview with BBC Radio London 94.9FM about sickle cell and education 21 June 2009


Tom has sickle cell disorder

Life out of control

Sickle Cell

Sickle Cell Disease

Animation video

Family Legacy

Family Legacy Part 2

Family Legacy Part 3

Sickle Cell - Personal experiences: Oliver and Hannah

YouTube video listings on Sickle Cell Anaemia


Social Media

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