On this page you will find collections of research papers, policy documents, journals and articles. You can also contact the experts, health professionals and researchers through their websites as listed below.


Expert Organisation
Professor Felix Konotey-Ahulu SickleCell MD
Prof. Dr Simon Dyson De Montfort University De Montfort University Site
Prof. Aniowu Mary Seacole Centre
Dr. Kofi Ani Imperial College London
Dr. Lola Oni Human Genetics Commission
Dr. Telfer Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science
Professor Dame Sally Davies Department of Health
Marvell Brown University of West London
Kwaku Ohene-Frempong Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia


Article Periodical Journal

Prevention of a First Stroke by transfusion in children with Sickle Cell Anaemia &

Abnormal results on transcranual Doppler ultrasonography

The New England Journal of Medicine

Mapping the prevalence of Sickle cell &Thalassaemia in England estimating &

validating ethnic specific rate

Willey Online Library