Below you will find links to ebooks and leaflets that contain information on Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia.

Going Horizontal

Carer/ Care services onlinedirectory

Nursing Times

Sickle cell disease standards tackle inequality adult care

Genetic Alliance

A-Z Patient Leaflets

Information Leaflets in 23 languages on genetic conditions for use around the world

De Montfort University

Care & management of your child with Sickle Cell Disease: a parent’s guide (2nd edition) 2007

NHS  Blood and Transplants

Information Leaflets

NHS Screening Programmes

Leaflets and fact sheet

U.K. Thalassaemia Society

Routine investigations in the management of thalassaemia

NSW government Health Center for Genetics education

Thalassaemias and Sickle cell Disease Fact Sheet

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

NIH Clinical Trials and You